Understanding Tools For Lead Generation

Lead generation tools are a critical part of your business online. There are several different elements you can utilize.



A lead capture page (or LCP) is a landing page that grabs the potential clients attention. This page always contains an optimized lead capture form.

This form collects visitors info and sends them down a marketing funnel process.

To get leads, the LCP needs to have the right balance of ‘gimme’ and ‘value.’ The ‘gimme’ are the form info boxes you ask of, and the ‘value’ is the offer you are promoting.

Any LCP that shows irrelevant info to your offer does not work. Having a congruent headline to the ad text is an example.

A poor­ optimized form and page is one of the top causes of abandonment. Your form should not ask for more than basic contact information.

It comes down to what info you want or need to collect.

For example, You are offering a free resource such as an ebook or a PDF. The lead capture form should have no more than three fields such as name, email, or a phone number.

Anything more and you risk running them off on your first interaction.



A sales page is a page created with one purpose — to convert leads into customers for your offer.

The visitor fills out the LCP form and redirects to the sales page (most of the big dogs have it set up this way).

The product or service you are selling can differ depending on your business. The purpose of sales pages remains constant – getting visitors to convert into customers.



Sales funnels are like an upside down pyramid.

It represents the journey that interested prospects go through to become customers. Funnels are large at the top and slim down as a potential customer gets closer to the sale.

Lead Generation Tools

The key to converting leads into sales within a funnel is following up. Give your subscribers value in your emails and build trust.

The best reason people slip through the cracks in a funnel is the lack of follow-up. Moreover, who has time for all this follow-up? Especially if you have several thousand contacts or more to send an email!

Having an automated email system can help any business. Send an email a day (or how often you choose) on autopilot to your entire contact manager.



A contact manager is a primary tool for housing all your leads on the Internet. Store emails, names, and phone numbers so you can follow up.

An efficient system will help you oversee and monetize your contacts.

It helps you manage your audience so you can promote clientele interested in what you offer.

Effective lead nurture depends on differentiating interest levels and identifying buying signals.



Email automation is a way to engage in online marketing by following up.

It enables you to send out mass messages at designated times without you having to be on your computer.

Most business owners do not have the time to send individualized messages to their customers.

They save time by setting up an email autoresponder. Send messages when subscribers take concrete actions.

Lead Generation Tools

While automation sounds robotic, it allows business owners to develop closer relationships with prospects. Maintain effective communication and brand awareness.

Having an automated platform, you can set up a campaign to reply immediately to a subscriber.

You capture a lead, or they pass down the funnel at a pre-defined moment. Once installed, the platform can send a personalized email with any information you want.

Having a website is a top lead generation tool that you will need to get free leads with blogging. Blogging is one of the best ways to get free business leads online.



Blogs provide commentary on a particular subject, product, or niche.

They function as personal online diaries. Businesses use them for online brand advertising and sharing articles.

Typical blogs combine text, images, and links to sites with other related media.

Readers can leave viewable comments, and interact with other commenters. The human element is a significant contribution to the popularity of many blogs.



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